14 June 2007

Editorial Excerpt on Gaza

Hamas has completed its total takeover of Gaza. So, what? I pulled this from an editorial on YNet News (Yedioth Aharanot Online)

Fatah has collapsed in the Gaza Strip; it's gone completely under. Gaza has turned into a jungle. Everyone is fighting each other. The political conflict between Fatah and Hamas has turned into a clan war, a war between brothers. Scores have been opened that can't be settled, and vendettas are threatening to lead Gaza to terrible anarchy. The Palestinians are destroying their future with their own hands.

Within this chaos the state of Hamastan is being created upon the ruins of the Palestinian entity. Fatah is barely able to hold on to some key positions, yet it is clear that the new Hamas reality in Gaza has reached the point of no return. There is no one to stop it.

The US and Israel as well would be deluding themselves by thinking that Mahmoud Abbas and his government can be salvaged. That day has passed, and Abbas' leadership has nothing left to say. Abbas is detached from reality; he is living in the past, ignoring the present and incapable of planning the future. He is still entertaining the hope that he could mend the fences and therefore has still not ordered his forces in Gaza to fight back.

I also encourage you to check out this page: The Good Neighbors Blog, if not periodically, at least now. It's a consortium of bloggers (normal people putting their thoughts and observations on the page for you to see) from all over the region: Egypt, Jordan, West Bank, Lebanon, Iran and, of course, Israel. It's a very intriguing source of real, personal information, stuff that you would never find on the evening news.

Everyone here is wondering what's going to happen. Hamas controlling Gaza can't be a good thing - I can't think of anything good that can come of it, except maybe Egypt going in and 'taking care of things' (that way Israel wouldn't have to deal with the bad PR it receives every time it tries to protect its citizens and secure its borders). So, I will try to keep you updated as much as I can.
I'm going to get a pot and pan today from a Christian organization that gives basic stuff to new immigrants like me. This is how poor I am. I can't even buy a pot. Hmpf!

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