14 June 2007

Major Happenings

If you have been following the news lately or have even glanced at a newspaper, you've probably heard something about Hamas and Gaza.
You're right to sit up and pay close attention, but let me say now that there's no need to worry about me (at least not because of Hamas).
Today, Hamas consolidated its near complete control of Gaza. Until today, the political/military organization was involved in a unity government with Fatah, the remnant organization from the Yasser Arafat days (indeed, Arafat was the leader of the terrorist organization; today, they've moved closer to politics and not so much of terrorism, although this is debatable).
The unity government was formed between Fatah (of which Abbas is the head) and Hamas after Hamas was elected to head of the government.
Today, after Hamas seized Fatah's main seat of power in Gaza, the headquarters of the Preventative Security Forces and the intelligence services, killing dozens of people in the process, President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed Prime Minister Haniyeh (the head of Hamas) and dissolved the government, calling for new elections.
There are some people, many of whom seem very well informed, who see this as a very clear sign of things to come. It is indeed momentous, and only time will tell what will actually be.
I don't know how much has been reported on this in the Western media, and I am not too aware of the Israeli media discussions and discourse, but apparently things are beginning to look a lot like they did before 1967.
It is being proposed that, instead of creating a 'Palestinian state' on the West Bank and Gaza, the area of the West Bank will be returned to Jordanian control, Gaza to Egyptian (if they want it or can handle it. I personally would say 'good riddance!').
Jordan has, after all a huge percentage of Palestinians and would probably do a much better job with health care and education. Maybe Queen Noor can do something; I don't know.
Keep an eye out for this....it has HUGE implications for the region, including life here in Israel.
All of that said, I am getting along quite nicely with my new job and my new apartment (more on that later). I am a real, authentic new immigrant - poor, penniless, destitute, but so happy that everything is working out...perfectly.

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