22 June 2007

Down to Business

Before I move on to other, more or less important things, I wanted to post a link here to a very poignant Q&A session that I found on NY Times.com.

Although I know that it's very interesting coming here and reading my blog about life in Israel (when I get around to posting, of course), you may also wonder what in the world is going on in Iraq. Of course, you could flip on the TV or radio or thumb through a newspaper and read about the 60 or 85 or 130 people killed yesterday, last week, etc.

But what is daily life really like? What is it like having to run daily errands like buying milk and bread, while worrying about whether there will be a bombing or mortar attack at the exact moment that you decided to go to the market? How are normal, average Iraqis, who want what you and I want - to go to school/work, have a family and enjoy time with friends - adapting?

This article is an ongoing Q&A session with some NY Times reporters in Iraq - real people, involved and informed first-hand, answering real people's questions.

So...what's going on here?
I think most of the people who read this blog (my immediate family) know very well what I have been up to, but just in case someone outside of this well-worn circle of communication finds his or her way over here and is wondering what has become of me...I must entertain and keep them well-informed.

Almost a week ago, I moved out of my little, secluded, comfortable ulpan in Jerusalem, and moved into an apartment in Tel Aviv. I am working with a company called IDEX Online, an online diamond trading marketplace/news site/magazine within the Diamond Exchange. Very nice job, superbly nice people; I am learning more and more every day, which makes the job more and more interesting every day.
Because really, what do I care about diamonds? What do I care about gem and jewelry markets and trade shows? NOTHING. But seriously, now that I have a vested interest in learning more and becoming a well-read member of the team, this stuff matters a lot more to me.

Oh yeah. I forgot. I am working as a writer/journalist/copy editor, etc. etc. If you look on the website, you might find something I have written. Most of it has been edited by me, which I guess is unfortunate if you find any mistakes.

And that's all I will say about IDEX at the moment, since, apparently my wonderful coworkers got the word that I have a blog and just might read it. Hi guys!!

That's all I will say in general, for now. I am going to try and do some laundry at the self-service laundromat ten blocks down the street, go to the beach and enjoy my Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ronit

When you gonna come out of Editorial seclusion, tishabavs over already.

Visit Levi at Chez Gita , hey you gotta get him financially figured out, i want to wire or send some blessing, get him to figure it out.

Later brendahs of eugene