18 November 2006

Feelin' Better!

Boy, someone must have been talking to the big guy upstairs for me because I feel sooo much better!! Maybe it was the ten hours of sleep two nights in a row....
So, don't worry. I'll be up and ready to go tomorrow and ready to keep you up to date on my life without having to blow my nose after typing each word.
Shavua tov is what we say in Israel on Saturday night and Sunday morning after the Sabbath. It means "A good week".
So, Shavua Tov!

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1 comment:

Jodad said...

Bummer and then some. We prayed for your health (as we do every night) and I believe that is why you are feeling better. Of course ten hours of sleep two nights in a row could not hurt either. It is so cool that you are finally able to do some things on your blog now that your laptop is charged. Thank you for all of the cool pictures and I know you know it but I just like to remind you anyway that you are ever on our hearts and minds and that we are grateful that we were able to share the first 23 years of your life directly. Take good care of yourself and keep on keeping on.