26 November 2006

A good full day

Well, I've just spent the entire afternoon walking around Jerusalem taking some neat pictures for you all to see. Phew! I'm beat.
The pics should be up soon, either tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime, feel free to check back in the next 24 hours for a new post overviewing a bit of the current political situation here (as much as I know of it, which isn't much).
Ulpan was great today. I didn't know any of the words they taught us today, which means....I learned new words!!! Yay!!
Previously, there has been maybe two or three 'new' words a week, which I didn't know. Now we are starting to learn words and grammatical constructions that are new for me, and this, God willing, may be the beginning of the end of my 'please go faster and teach me something new because I am bored!!!' problem in ulpan. It had better be; I'm paying for it, right?
Welp, see ya later!

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