21 May 2007

The Home Stretch

So, I must say. This ulpan-working-trying to go to the gym-looking for a job-looking for a place to live-sustaining my oh so very important social life-keeping myself culturally, politically and religiously aware through books, music, magazines and newspapers is getting to be harder than I thought it would be.
At the moment, I am on the market, as it were (or is it in the market?), as well as perusing the market. My lovely live-in ulpan, courtesy of the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, will viciously kick me out in or around June 15 (kind of like a mother bird 'viciously' kicks her babies out of the nest when they're ready to fly), and, by that time, I will need to have found a place to live and a job to pay for it. I'm still opinion-less as to whether this process is more complicated than it seems or whether I am simply unaware of how complicated it really is. I do have a few leads on the job-front, which will be revealed after the fact, and am perusing the online and offline markets in search of a nice little place to call home.
Life is a bit crazy at the moment. Everyone is looking for the solution to their lives, and, although I know that mine is out there just waiting for me to find it, it can be a little scary at times. Not only is everyone looking for a job and a place to live (you can come visit me in my cardboard box after I get all moved in), the ulpan teachers, bless their little souls, have also realized that we're running out of time. I don't know if they have simply realized that they perhaps didn't get to as much material as they had hoped, or if they finally realized that we haven't done diddly-squat in the past four months and 'ohmygosh we have to teach them something!' It's not that we haven't learned anything, but you know....it's like in college when they profs PILE on the work in the last few weeks....the different is that we're trying to learn this darn language as quickly as possible, go to class every day, deal with loads of homework they've now decided to pile on in the last month and figure out our lives...it's been tough to say the least.
But, in all seriousness, every problem has a solution, and if we look hard enough in the right places, we'll find it.
Tired. Going to bed. Goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

I love you and will keep praying for work and a place to live for you. Mom