24 May 2007

The Deadly State of Affairs

Sderot. A city in the south of Israel, near the territory of Gaza. Keep in mind that Sderot is located within Israel's pre-1967 borders.
I've written about this place once before and included a story from the JPost on how scary these rocket attacks can be and how children have adapted to the situation, learning the right way to walk quietly to their bomb shelters when the sirens go off, taking yoga classes to deal with the stress, and giving cute but telling answers to questions like "Why does the snail have a shell?" ("So it can be protected from the kassams".) This is not just a stressful situation, this is also a deadly situation. Last week, a 32 year old woman named Shirel Friedman (z"l) was killed when a rocket hit a car next to her. She was walking.down.the.street and was killed. For what? For existing? For being alive? It's barbaric!
Hamas, as well as other groups, claimed responsibility for the attack.
That day, FM Tzipi Livni was giving a press conference in Sderot. She stated: "The situation in Sderot is unbearable... We consider the Palestinian government headed by the Hamas terrorist organization responsible for this situation...
Until now, Israel has shown restraint. But the rockets and the Kassam missile attacks on Sderot continue. Israel must defend its citizens. While Israel is looking for terrorists, In order to stop them from their terrorist activities against civilians, these terrorists are looking for civilians to kill.""
In accordance with these statements, the IDF arrested 33 members of the Hamas terrorist organization (also known as a 'political party/organization'?!), the highest ranking officials being the PA (Palestinian Authority) Education Minister and the mayors of Nablus and Qalqiliya.
Just a little news from this side of the world. Let's wait for these events to unfold.
Meanwhile, I have two appointments this evening to look at apartments in Tel Aviv and another job interview on Tuesday, this time with the City of David Foundation. Wish me luck!

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