28 March 2007

Working Hard

I am officially a freelance writer, although not yet published.
I am working, part time, on my own time really, for a Online Travel Publication - TripCart.com, writing up an enormously large project, detailing almost everything you would ever want to know when traveling to the Oregon Coast.
The bad news: there is none, really, except maybe the lack of guarrantee of income/payment. One word - freelance.
The good news: there is no bad news. Better than that, I work on my schedule, I set my deadlines (with pushes from my editor, who is a real 'ball breaker'- exactly what I need) and I'm working with a subject about which I know a lot already and will be an expert on before I'm finished.
Lastly, it's my first real job in Israel, and....I don't even need the Hebrew for it.
Just say yes to income....
Well, that's all for now.
Must go to work so I have something to turn into the editor tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

It is great to see you posting again! See you in 21 days--love you. M