29 March 2007

Ain't It Purty?

I can't believe it...after all that, it's finally here. I am so happy!
For those of you who have never owned a mac, and for those of you who have but have never been forcibly separated from your beloved mac, I will try to explain this to you. Until yesterday, I was left without my mac for over a month. I was going through withdrawals, foaming at the mouth, having seizures...I almost didn't survive....almost. I was like a photographer without a camera, a lifeguard without a whistle, a freelance writer without a pen and paper. I was a freelance writer without a medium. Awful. And then the day came. That glorious day of my salvation, when I picked up the phone and heard that sweet voice on the other end:
"Your laptop is here and ready. You can come pick it up."
I about died when I heard that. I. about. died.
So here it is, my new baby; she is going to help me make a lot of money too.

I would like to formally, although not finally, thank my grandparents - the Scheyer gma and gpa, and my gma Chandler. They saw I was in distress and helped generously and benevolently, and especially at this time when I needed them the most. Thank you.
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gil mitsarfat said...

it's just a mac !!!!! not a diamond !

Joanna/Ronit said...

yeah, but it's mine

Joanna/Ronit said...

actually, it's better than a diamond - more useful, worth more to me than some sparkling rock