27 January 2007

What, am I in college again or something?

Here are some pics of my new living quarters - my room, my bed/space on the right, the hallway, which isn't actually so scary-looking during the day when more sunlight gets in. If my roommate wasn't so great, I think I'd be going crazy.

Oh, and here's a great picture of my lovely South African roommate, Jacqui, and me, with the city of Jerusalem in the background.

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IsraLuv said...

welcome to ulpan etzion... your best purchase EVER will be to buy a pair of ear plugs.

btw- are you coming to the Jerusalem Winter Ball?

Joseph said...

Hey JC... Thank you for the pics. I have been curious to know what your living situation is like... and now I know. I sure am looking forward to seeing you and meeting your friends when I get there in a couple of months. I think about you every day with prayers and good vibrations to help you along your road.

Take Care

amechad said...

That's Etzion? I thought it was Beit Canada. No wonder it doesn't look like a dump.

Joanna/Ronit said...

israluv: thanks for the tip. I bought earplugs my first week here. There has only been one night when they weren't enough....the ball? But what will I wear???
Daddy: You're a sweetie. I can't wait to see you as well. I miss you! Oh, and thanks for the prayers. I need them.
amechad: huh? Yeah, this is etzion, the one and only. Apparently we're the last group to live in this building. They're tearing it down or something.