11 December 2008

Free Stuff is Still Stuff...But it's Free!!!

I'm so excited! I just mailed my request to get FREE GMAIL STICKERS!!!

Ok, ok, I know. Who cares? And, like my former editor always said, free sh#@ is still sh#@. But, Danielle, I would say, it's FREE!

Anyway, I'm excited about getting the stickers -- and all it cost me was the two stamps to mail the envelopes.....

Wait a minute...

That wasn't free at all!!!

Photo courtesy of the Official Gmail Blog.

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Tim J. said...

I found a true freebie. You can read a sample chapter of a book about Tim Russert's life at:
The sample sold me on buying the book.
Have fun,

Ronit said...

Thanks Tim!
I like the story about Russert and his buddies partying hard all night -- and then going to mass the next morning, returning to Buffalo "sin-free."
Too bad I'm not Catholic!