28 July 2008

Which Superhero are You?

I took the "Which Superhero are You?" test. Apparently I'm Superman. I always liked him. Mild-mannered, with a tendency to wear blue tights and fly around rescuing people.
But I also apparently have flashes of Wonder Woman (naturally), Spider Man (I hate spiders, but give me Toby Maguire all wet and hanging upside down ready for a kiss any day) and the Flash (Too quick for you!!!)
Kudos to dad for the tip.
Your results:
You are Superman
Superman 85%
Wonder Woman 77%
Spider Man 70%
The Flash 70%
The Green Lantern 70%
Supergirl 67%
Catwoman 65%
Robin 64%
Iron Man 60%
Batman 55%
Hulk 40%
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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