24 October 2007

The First in a Long Line

The first things to go when exhaustion hits/begins (in no particular order):

1. My tolerance – for people who do things that annoy me, for others’ kvetching and complaining, for heat, cold, hunger and thirst, for both non-committals and over-committals, for flakes, for misunderstandings, for foul odors, for messy kitchen counters and stinky sinks, for very full garbage bags, also in my kitchen, for walking up three flights of stairs twice after forgetting something, for mumblers (especially in foreign languages that are hard enough to learn as it is), and for intolerant people.

2. My memory – for remembering things I did or didn’t do less than ten minutes prior, for remembering things that people told me to do less than five minutes prior, for remembering what it is I reminded myself to do less than three minutes prior and for remembering why I came into this room in the first place.

3. My attention span - an occurrence exacerbated by hunger, thirst and having to use the little ladies' room.

4. My empathy/sympathy – I just lose interest, I guess - something to do with the attention span, too, I think.

5. My cognitive reasoning skills – math is the first to go, followed by grammar and logic, also exacerbated when nature calls. Seems my brain prioritizes where it puts its energy.

6. My coordination and general spatial awareness - This includes tripping a lot on cracks in the sidewalk and when walking up stairs, as well as running into things and people (fortunately no cars, but bikes, yes).

7. My interest in writing this list

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