08 February 2007

שלום לכולם

שלום לכולם! מה שלוםכם? אני מקווה שהכל בסדר איתכם וגם ש אתם בריים ומאושרים. הכל בסדר איתי. רק עכשיו חזרתי מהבריכהת ששם שחיתי. היה מצוין, בדיוק מה שהייתי צריכה לעשות. זה מה שאני חייבת לזכור, שבכל ש מצבים, בכל הזמן, אני חייבת לקחת זמן לעצמית לנוח לקרוא לאכול אוכל טוב וברי ולטפול לעצמי. זה ממש חשוב לזכור.
Okay, just so you don't feel left out, I'll translate my first ever Hebrew post (even if it was just one paragraph): Hello everyone! How are you? I hope that everything is okay and also that you are healthy and happy. Everything is fine with me. Just now, I returned from the pool where I got to swim. It was excellent, exactly what I needed to do for myself. This is what I have to remember, that in every situation, all the time, I need the take time for myself to rest, to read, to eat good and healthy food and to take care of myself. This is really important to remember.
So, I would post more, but I am in the dodgy computer room, the communal madhouse. Why am I not posting on my own laptop?? Last Thursday, there was a power outage in our dorm building, and my powerpack for my laptop is fried....Shame!!! HavaL! We're trying to get it worked out, but it has been quite the drag....Oh well, life goes on. But this post does not.
Laila Tov! Goodnight!

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yoo. funny post :))