10 November 2006

One More Example

By the way, if you need one more quick and clear example of tension in J'lem...just look at the picture in the next post down (I didn't take it - still don't have access to my laptop).
Notice the Western Wall (archaically called the Wailing Wall), the holiest Jewish site in the world. Hundreds of Jews pray here every day.
Next let your eyes wander up to the big gold-plated dome above the wall. This is the Muslim Dome of the Rock, built atop the Jews' temple mount in the 600s CE. Also atop the temple mount, to the right of the Dome, although not in the picture, is the al-Aksa mosque.
When visiting the Wall at certain times of the day, one can hear the Jews praying in Hebrew, as they have done for centuries, as the Muslim call to prayer, hauntingly beautiful, echoes out from the mosque atop the temple mount.
It doesn't get much closer than that.

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